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Massman Automation Designs, LLC

At Massman, we pride ourselves on the reputation we have built in the packaging industry as a supplier of automation solutions. We approach each customer’s automation needs as an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship, providing effective solutions and long-term support for those solutions. Our reliable equipment, excellent technical support, and responsive customer service assure you that Massman Automation Designs, LLC will meet your automation needs today and for years to come.

In our more than 40 years in business we have developed many standard solutions for customers’ automation needs. But our extensive experience also enables us to modify and customize designs to adapt them to your specific applications. Our machines are very reliable, delivering years of highly efficient productivity with a low total cost of ownership. That has helped us earn a reputation in the packaging industry as a manufacturer of easy-to-operate, highly innovative, very dependable packaging systems.

The Massman Automation working culture is based on old-fashioned values: integrity, honesty and pride. That culture has been the key to fostering long-term business relationships with our customers. Our skilled employees, from designers and engineers to our sales and technical support teams, are our greatest assets. In addition, as a privately held company we keep our management team lean and responsive to our customers’ ever-changing needs. As a company, our primary objective is to provide our customers the best value in “end-of-line” packaging equipment.


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DTM Packaging & Custom Automation

Focused on manufacturing and remanufacturing packaging and bottling machines and entire production lines.

At DTM Packaging we manufacture and remanufacture bottling and packaging equipment. From our facility just outside of Boston we can provide everything from one piece of customized equipment to an entire packaging line, utilizing all new equipment, or by integrating new machinery with remanufactured machinery, we can provide a highly efficient, value-added packaging line system.

We are one of the few companies in the packaging industry that can manage the entire process of delivering high performance filling, packaging and custom automation systems from initial design to final installation. This can include manufacturing and integrating an entire bottling line from bottle unscrambling to case packing, or any individual part of that line.

What makes such flexibility possibility is our dedicated team of engineers and craftsman experienced in every aspect of production, from machine design and engineering to line integration. This capability enables us to take on both small and large projects up to and including providing multiple production lines for an entire facility and deliver them on time in turnkey condition

Our other capabilities include providing high-performance systems for medical device assembly, automotive component assembly, paper and fabric processing, mold handling, welding applications, part assembly and specialty custom automation machines for a variety of applications from web handling to lamination systems. Industries we serve include pharmaceuticals, personal care, food and beverage, nutritional, household products, chemical, medical device, eyewear, film and camera, automotive, sports products, aircraft, paper/fabric and electronics.


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EDL Packaging Engineers, Inc.

Our consultative approach to shrink wrapping and bundling sets us apart.

At EDL, our goal is not to fit our packaging systems into your operations. Instead, we begin by listening and understanding your product packaging needs and challenges. From there we apply our more than 50 years of packaging experience to design and manufacture a packaging system that meets your unique requirements. This has led to more than 70% of our business coming from returning customers pleased with that approach. This is a testament to EDL’s holistic business model and philosophy.

Smart design. Customer-focused. Competitively priced.

We have built our reputation by integrating our standard modules with custom innovations to deliver a completely integrated packaging solution. We offer the packaging industry’s only Performance Guarantee, ensuring that your EDL packaging equipment will perform as specified, period.

We manufacturer an extensive line of shrink wrappers and shrink bundlers, corrugate tray formers and loaders, roll wrappers, automatic flight bar wrappers, and semi-automatic wrappers. We have customers ranging from small business entrepreneurs with one small semi-automated wrapper to worldwide manufacturers of consumer and industrial products using more than 30 of our premium shrink bundling machines. EDL shrink wrappers and bundlers can be found operating throughout the dairy, personal care, food, food-service consumables, carpet and contract packaging industries.

Our business is focused on what happens at the end of a production line – from secondary packaging to end-of-line packaging. EDL is advancing the design and manufacture of shrink wrapping and bundling packaging machinery as much today as ever. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our high engineering standards and included responsive, timely, and effective after-sales support. Our Mission: We deliver value through developing and implementing application-specific technologies that empower our customers to meet their ongoing packaging objectives. On an intellectual and personal level, we apply our experience and technology for the success of all stakeholders.


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Ideal-Pak Pase Group

Liquid filling and packaging solutions designed to fit your needs.

From their early days as manufacturers of packaging machinery to their maturity as respected companies creating liquid filling machines and packaging line solutions, Ideal-PakÒ, founded in 1949, and PASE Group, founded in 2003, have grown through innovation and experience. Since 2018, the knowledgeable engineering specialists and experienced production staffs of Ideal-Pak and PASE Group have operated as a successful team within the Massman Companies.

Ideal-Pak’s mission has always been to create high performance customized equipment that meets the exact needs of its customers, using high technology controllers, patented functionality and expanded options to increase the capabilities of automated liquid filling and packaging solutions for small to mid-sized packaged liquid products. The PASE Group has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of liquid filling, container handling, material handling and conveying equipment for the filling of products into large totes, barrels and drums. Together, they cover the entire spectrum of liquid filling requirements for industries that include the international paints and coatings, chemicals, petroleum, lubricants, and food and beverage industries. PASE is especially experienced in intrinsically safe, explosion-proof systems for classified areas.

Ideal-Pak/PASE Group teams’ design expertise comes into play beginning at project conception. The teams give special consideration to the customer’s requirements, experience and input to make sure the final design meets customer expectations. The teams then work closely with customers through all stages of the project from initial specifications through design, fabrication, programming and factory acceptance testing (FAT). All Ideal-Pak/PASE machines are made in the USA.


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